Intelligent Website Monetization


We’re a long time web-publisher, and have been facing the pain and challenges most publishers have. We were experts in making a great content site, yet we had to learn how to monetize our quality sites in the best way, balancing revenue and visitors’ impact.

After a few years of first-hand experience with monetization challenges, we decided we should do something about it, and we created Caspion: a technology package that significantly helps web publishers monetize their site in a professional way. Easily test monetization strategy, get data for how the strategy performs, and makes decision in a snap.


Why Caspion

Caspion helps you monetize your website like a professional publisher. Understand the impact monetization has on your site visitors and site’s growth. Make monetization decisions based on hard data, not just by gut feeling.



Segment visitors into dozens of test groups, and A/B test the impact advertising has on each group.¬†Understand what’s the revenue generated by each advertising modality, as well as the cost it imposes on your site in terms of engagement of your visitors with your site.


How it Works

Simply add a one-line of javascript to your site. Caspion will kick-in and will start it’s magic, running hundreds of tests to see what works the best for your traffic, on your site.

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