We’re a technology company. We partner with the online advertising ecosystem to supplement demand for the publishers we work with. We work with ad-networks, ad-exchanges, media buying platforms, ad agencies, data platforms and similar, to add value to their supply-side and demand-side clients.

Demand Partners

Ad Networks, DSPs, Media Buying Platforms ...

Demand Partners Connect with us on any of the major Ad Exchanges for large scale buying of high quality publisher inventory. Utilize our publisher reach to deliver greater exposure and performance for their advertisers. Custom deals and integrations allow us to provide impression level contextual data to our demand partners and provide real-time bidding (RTB) options.


Supply Partners

Ad Networks, SSPs, Distribution Partners, Publisher Solutions Providers ...

Generate incremental revenue from your publisher inventory. We have some of the highest quality demand. Partnership opportunities include custom deals and integrations for allowing us to access your supply. We are a large buyer of supply via RTB on the various ad exchanges. We can also explore various revenue sharing and/or affiliate opportunities.

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