publishimgAs a publisher, monetizing your web site is not a simple task. Yes, you can throw in the standard 3 adsense units, place it somewhere on your pages, and every now and then try another ad-network, ad-exchange or a new advertising modality.

But it’s never that simple. It’s just impossible to keep updated with new ad-networks and new ad-technologies. There are so many of them out there, which one is the right for your traffic? And where should you place the ads on your site? Should you try new ad modalities? And most importently – what’s the cost imposed by existing or new ads on your site’s visitors and on your site’s growth?

Caspion is a technology solution that makes your website monetization far more intelligent than how most publishers monetize their site.

  • Segment visitors into groups based on their attribute
  • Run hundreds of tests of advertisement strategy for each group
  • Understand what works best, and adjust advertising strategy accordingly

Data Driven Decisions

Make changes to your monetization strategy based on hard data, not just gut feeling. Monitor both sides of the monetization equation: how much revenue is generated by each ad modality, and what’s the impact each ad modality has on your site’s visitor experience.


No More Complex Coding

Caspion is implemented with a single javascript that you place on your site. No more coding every new ad, or every ad-technology you come across. To change monetization strategies, enable or disable ad locations, add or remove ad-modalities- simply login to the Caspion dashboard to configure the monetization strategy with a simple user-interface.

A/B Test Everything

Automatically run hundreds of tests per each visitor group, to find out what is the best strategy per visitor group in terms of revenue and visitor impact. You can let Caspion make the decisions for you, or simply analayze the monetization data and make the decisions yourself.

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